A commissioned picture makes a very personal and individual memento

Louise's unique style has led to numerous commissions, sold to customers all over the world, often as a special memory of England. The appeal of commissioning one of Louise’s paintings is that an individual or family can appear in the picture in a setting which is special to them. Louise has also painted several wedding scenes with all the guests appearing in their specific wedding attire.

Louise’s commissions can be any size but she usually uses the following formats: 28inch square (£2700) 20inch square (£2200) 28inch by 10inch (£1600) 14inch square (£1050) and 12inch by 10inch (£800). These prices include an oak frame. If you would like to speak to Louise about a specific commission please email info@louisebraithwaite.co.uk or
call Louise on 01730 268697.